I am at a loss at how to deal with multiple sales or find an individual painting as there are 1500 at least all boxed ..if thats what happens so I will place a link for the images in this exhibition on ebay and will enter the link on here when its loaded so its possible to  'buy now'.  There will be no link back to this site from there but be aware it also means it may sell on ebay

I had intended to exhibit for a month at a time but its too long so I will make the exhibition for 2 week duration from the start of each month .


Exhibited Work this Month /March 1st until 14th


Painted on heavy weight paper  20 x 16 in  approx

Sense of belonging         Pastel Watercolour               £120                             

Waiting for the red light  Mixed M edia                          £120

Sea guard dominatrix       Mixed Media                          £120