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Inn on the Green ...Portobello Road  ..   no sales


Under the canopy ..Portobello Road....£300


Pleasance Theatre ...Resident artist   

1 Accident sales

2 Seacide sales

3 I dont tell lies ...    no sales

4 chaos and non conformity   no sales 

Boys club... Dalston

 Dead Fox   £1000


Gallery Tavid ...Ealing

Mixed Exhibition    £260

with Paul Peter Piech , Vresh Kanikanian

Hastings Arts Forum  Three  Exhibitions

1. Chaos and non conformity,  £ 2600

,2. Fromm the Front  June 6, 2011    £2900


Bob and Mary's house... 

Private view     £1400


Elvers Studio.. Stroud ..

Resident artist    £600


Parallax Fair, Chelsea Town Hall 2020

Mixed show sales 



Auction/ Buy now...  no sales 


Parallax Fair , Kensington town hall  2021

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Inn on the Green






Bob and Mary's house





 Gallery Tavid      






Elvers Studio 


Gucci Exhibition Stroud




Love Exhibition Stroud


Pleasance Theatre




Hastings Arts Forum





Artist description by Arts Forum

Colin Heavingham is an uncompromising painter choosing
to express with metaphysical images that are resonant with
expectation and unfulfilled energy.

Heavingham’s recent paintings are less to do with romantic
washes of atmospheric colour – reminiscent of both Turner and
Hitchens:  images that drew their viewers into a reverie of
Friedrichian contemplation, to more abstracted, spontaneous
layerings of colour and text.  Fiercer, more Freudian.
There are deep charcoal vignettes that have forms in common
with De Chirico, although darker and more urgent.

These are images that have a raw visceral immediacy, and are
very much painterly in execution – giving rich texture to the
canvas and enigma to the subject.

Colin Heavingham was born in 1948.  He attended Braintree
School of Art and later in 1969 became a sculptor’s assistant for Peter Fagan. 

In Seventies London he was variously an art
gallery assistant, painting reliner, picture framer and gilder.

Most recently he has described himself as gallery owner,
painter, artist and filmmaker.


A still from a film made on the beach of removing canvas from the stretcher after the exhibition at the Arts Forum Hastings 

Under the canopy .. Portobello Road



Boys Club   Dalston

Dead Fox



Opening invitation        Dead Fox Exhibition