I have decided to do the Parralax fair in Kensington Town Hall in October with just a couple of pictures as its so expensive..   also its my home ground. the place I was happiest. Nostalgia really.. also I am bored with this lockdown    another 2 years of this ..yawn


I have lost control of the sales as there are now so many paintings.. It is impossible for me find one if asked...  there are 1500 all boxed up .. all I can do is try to sell whats being done on a  day to day basis  


Previous Exhibitions 

Inn on the Green ...Portobello Road

Under the canopy ..Portobello Road
Pleasance Theatre ...Resident artist
Boys club... Dalston
Hastings Arts Forum  Three  Exhibitions

1. Chaos and non conformity,

2. Accident,

3. I dont tell lies 

Bob and Mary's house

Elvers Studio.. Stroud ...Resident artist  

Parralax Fair, Chelsea Town Hall 2020




Bob and Mary's house


Gucci Exhibition Stroud

Pleasance Theatre

Hastings Arts Forum