Human race

A slow starter
bringing up the rear
falling short of mindful choice
the cruelty of a bloody race
the nonce in limbo
another stallion causing an affray
men in cloth deciding fear
onward.. speeding up outside
bringers of songs falling back
mother's child the passing fancy
short head and unbridled love
a dog against all odds
horses and beasts of darkness
shame and torso's for sake of love
vodka shots on the rails
crucified by whips
again and again a rider comes
profit loss the winning streak
odds on chancer takes a lead
sickness falling back
death and loss a chalice
a race of malice


Once I stood here strong
my breath inside her
shedding no tears for my past
wasted all on a departed mind
a blood flows so easily
when weak the largest mountain climbed
when strong it sings no praise
so ends a mindless time
that storm I knew so well will rage once more
before my time is passed
growing onions in my grass
and macaroons adorn my walls
beds appear and disappear
while sheds rot in hell and feel no fear
broken heads rot on my spherical face
a mind to die and leave this place
oh to be alone