The deceiver building a house for himself ...     Mixed Media




Manmade weapon  .....Wood, Copper, Brass, Pewter. Aluminium  







Dormouse in trauma  ..    Dried root with contaminate paint


The drowning...           Construction


Adrift   assembly




Artic place to hide 

  [ finished model of Machine, mast removed .. right ].. 




Machine ...  Floated assembly 


Love or Hate ....  Mixed Media 


  She cut her Hair .

.back and front  view     



Charity, War Zone Baby..    Assembly from found items 


Happy ..  He  didnt ask to be born..



Four winds ..  Aluminium on wooden base , ,Clock face and Branch 


Model and time  ...Found clock with Watercolour 


Sisters growing up..      Found clock with Watercolour 


Midnight..     Found clock with Branch and Watercolour


Self Portrait    

  Watercolour in a cloche dome   


I made these as a present, but they were bad luck , is luck art or a feeling?



Sleeping with a stranger