Recovered 1


I seem to have lost so many copies of my work still not on here... lost on a computer with a virus  . I still have the work but its boxed.    People dont buy paintings they just look . As a framer I see what sort of things people hang on their wall . Originals no , prints yes .





a section of my painting rescued from a Saatchi site that they abandoned after I loaded too many images.  It doesn't even allow me to use my password to gain access and its unmanned as most sites these days .

'money for nothing clicks for free' mentality

I wish it hadn't stopped ...Pastel, Watercolour


some paint in the day , I paint at night   ...     Mixed Media 


a virus effect on my image resulting afterwards in my computer being totally wiped,

I took a  screen film  and a London  source of virus was located  by Statcounter

[unfortunately I lost virus description... from windows defender ]