Poems / Poems 4


Heaven scent

heaven scent
that path is to somewhere near
like a godfather I rest here
the days whisper time
beneath me she waits
with glee



Moon a place of darkness


Treasure buried
close you right down
hate your state
leave around hanging
the bush
below a light
past in places of a gunman on a trip
no more working days
when losing sight
what hope of twisters on her circus ride
shy of sanity
rollerball and rings
buck teeth
and coins


One sunny day 


that setting sun with no horizon
when all on earth is done
when clouds collide with moons
gravity unspun
these shells take to space
as some air ace on speed
godless in the haze of Milky way or Ganymede
love no more
love no less
thoughtlessness or stress
no more mess


Gold Coach


A coach wild horses strain to hold

life out on a yardarm again 

below a rage of sea and shine

in destiny I trusted her 

but I am old 

the coach is gold 

plush red inside

take me home she cried

this is not a place to hide




I wandered far away
so that I couldn't see
that trough of luxury
well spent and old I fell into the net
from words all too well meant
the sky is wide today
the world is small
enough of this waste
choose my path right or between the cleft
dead whichever way they say



Sickness in its shaded robe
pervades this day
sweeping around a globe
as no other mammalian twister on drugs
a summary of success unapproachable
while death apps decline on a button 
burn baby burn
songs that rhyme are sung
pile up the bodies
what reasoning behind the choking
what gain is there in an annihilation
to be alone?
when all are gone just looking 
is this how violence ends
all alone
covid is just another man

a boy child 

birthed by woman 

within us is something wild still

the madness is upon the doorstep

a door  away 

for the love of a son we are finished 

go away child 




she looks so like a brass  
the girl in the white dress
standing apart with a red glass
I saw her knickers on the train
between the buttons
a flash of white..plain
eyes that sparkled as she watched
a pretty face..soft, insane 
oh my psychiatric baby
..now here's the chill
a film of drug and pill
she went on
with blood and despair
she went on
its not here or there
I say we are here to play
the gift of romance always within
but she wants sin
oh my psychiatric baby, pretty and thin
when I feel my blood rise I want you
but your patient awaits
rob and roll , the wanton one

your choice of many
needs and selfish wandering
he is only shine
I am near.. almost dust becomes me
pastoral as a swollen shrine
beat a retreat.. I must
from blood to tepid wine


Dead and Hung


How cold the breath now

mouth dripping
for hens to come pecking at my waste
a meal deal
with coke and ash browns
a shell like in your ear
eat and be merry
I am gone. to seek friends
relief.. no more sun
workers unite and fall
fisherman struggle to the shores
me alone with sister ray
the world for you
and an electric cinema
polishing you fools for the mantlepiece
nesters and farmers feeding more
the green gateway to earth
the old man waiting on the chair
in a square hole he watches with blind eyes
digitalization becomes a child
a socratic moment within a dream of fame and dough
she chides me as she always does
as faeries wing and flutter their way into the den of wolves
she does the same
she is just a child still




Floating on the wind
and they run out
they pull at me
one smart with scars, another old and wed
I watch the casket go by, wooden with flowers
another eye ignores me
the other pulls at my battery and curses me
I look away silent
he taps his phone mysteriously looking at me again
manslaughter comes up
and chaos
'I am invincible' in james bond

I think
dread of money slipping away
her body now gone along the road 
I bow and walk in the other direction
push it away for another day
the scrapman comes and pays his lot and takes it 
I forgot my head
it was in it
cast offs, at last free
just debt and persecution for being here



A Fish


Swimming in a pond
and a face appears
from another pale blue sky

a blonde this time 
stares at us swimmers
golden and white in bands
eyes like the sun
and watches us
hooked claws paddled at the edge
hooks of misfortune pass me by
I swim quickly down
then quietly he looks away
again tranquil
another day
and back he comes to look
a giant on his journey stops to play
we stare as he goes around
looking everywhere
hell is sending that engine steaming at me
exploding from the fire
as a head pushed down and under
like in an operatic he sings as sinews tie his chords
the eyes are black now as he draws no breath
air pumped out of that tortured grimace
the hands of fate hold him there
while now he stares at me
then softly floats amongst us fish

as darkness comes again