Poems / Poems 3





What is this net
unfolding on us by the day
controlling us with flesh display
kinky hairy spreading bedding
do I like it , not sure
popup cart cuckold wedding
up the arse , 'please no dear'
outtakes just to cheer
what dark crevice in this unnerving web
just to catch a fox asleep in bed
rob the blind, trace the paedo
trace the bloody minds a gogo
boys and girls showing what they've got
men agog at the slop
watching heads roll down a cliff
what really is its motive
the dogs that lie
always watching waiting for the land
the force that pays the man with open hand
beasts and flogging for the connoisseurs
bags and boots for empty purses
grunts and groans we watch them moan
no such pleasure in a poem
cameras prams roof repairs
at websites ebay or amazon we stare
one day they will all be merged
replaced by monopoly men long gone
uniforms for every taste
crime and politics gone to waste
dynasties come and go
breeding tyrants that sink so low
this web is a country now
no place no name
the royal cow
tits and milking bred by clicks
public fed funded by chicks
some mafioso guru chants
as gold deposits in his branch
policed by religion bound by force
nature will take its course




The earthman came asking the way
the empty stage set before him
'an actrice' she asked him
he replied softly
his or her cold breath on me

makes me turn away 
alien words spilled out
and her voice remains lost somewhere
astral ashes cherished by adulation of this man or woman
the wings fall to the floor

a sorry paradise to end this way
the soft leaves comfort his lupin lips
so crystallized in time of play

a familiar smile
still the face of white staring out of the red shimmer
a soldier's act of penance
only at the final parting will it be seen
bandaged and sight unseen the actor plays his role
the earth around him moving in this scene
we dance and sing to mesmerize them all
miming in his silent world
a sound of birds

coarse like crows
...now nothing



Can it be that another has you
in that cold room
they will stand alone soon
at the dead of night
no goodbye
nothing to regret
night seals their fate
bad dreams brought home
leave you all alone in this to cry as a baby does
too late
sadly I miss you
I am just like them
entering that same dream at night
then the loss in the flight of morning
always searching for right or wrong
a better way undone
I see your picture in some book
a past going backwards it looks to me
in earth we grow in earth we wither
'another day' you said 
shells and old fish lie in wait for us
what new love is this
why does the cup look full
with nothing in it
while flowers grow inside your head
gangrenous stalks in thoughts you read
is it that time declines its favours
or did we catch that late train to nowhere

on this stationary platform I wait


The Nest


So this is the pearly morning
out from an earthly bed
a hollow road dawning
no one else up this early
air crisp and sharper than a splintered oak
I am a warlock it is so
I cast spells for a larks tongue or a seaman's throat
also known as barking twine
for that snitch
she knows me well enough in bed
to wish my head to be anothers' 
casting black eyes into my spell
to make her evil
I may sample her christened body
the body blue sacrificial crystal
cold as the ice of hell
I will wrap it in silver
take it to my den
share it with other men
watch her drip from our wizened wit
then make her whole again
I may take her home to a pit
she will not look back
when a hand is broken by spit of hog
and entered by the singers there
I am here at last
her black doors are opened wide
I am past the deadened sleep
that blurs my path
now warm air sucks at me like a collar
so empty now.. spiders dead hang in webs
the witches gather around my hornet's nest
'what shall we do today'
I beckon
'shall we eat?' '



Pacing in a sense of haste
intrigued as I run
over paths in a heat
prickled hedges guard the edge
this battle here I lost
some slaughtered and bleeding on the stones
the weeping gather remains
from a marquetry of bodies here and there
flowing hair white on this cantilever
punished toys of this world in disarray
a message flies ahead in pen
from a careless man running
running from one to spare
wringing in pain to gain time
the puzzled pieces laid out
in naked light the twisted stems cry out
omni chants silently humming
as they lie
she attends to it fluently
with eyes that dart over me
my jute string tight now
'will it burn'
my organs gurgle as they waste
stitched in haste
I lay awake jugged up on highs
spiritual thoughts decline
as sad passing ships wave and sigh
sipping blood as I see my friends
in this corridor so thin
it passes by still going..
and by me the nettles sting
the pins puss out of me
smell the sick from yesterday
blackness comes.. all is done


A Paining


Walking through the dark
long strides, not looking
the eyes all on me
burning ..the smell of hate
through the leaves
my thoughts are coming
just one of many
dripping from a graceful mouth
she said goodbye to the airless room
the men stared, some looked away
droning on, so far down now
dont want to look up
the dirt is shovelled slovenly down
the still flowers running in the ground
with colours on crude cloth
cobalts in wasted tubes
oily fingers pressed softly
to a sound of moons colliding
holes and craters vibrating

they dig 
a solitary gun strays into view
an alien planet like Ganymede soars
like seaside's and Lavender fields
just crimson earth with white ash
or cold as the shadow of destitute women
cold as the door closes on them

so cold 
my father looks at me
a last look of distanced remorse
nothing shining in the dark now
I am afraid
windows hiding the faces
making out the shapes
as its driving away I sink inside
and day dawns to metal chords
a brown radio blares on but plastic
I can paint now she has gone


A Journal of Fixing things


A world built by men
destruction also by a woman
and rebuilt again
a bb strikes on an hour
seeking solitude in a tower
climaxing in time all day everyday
drugs or alcohol and weeds grown at home
the minds of learners in the undertakers
where all is washed, rings removed
.. for safe keeping
sick down and purged in drains
lighting up a ciggy for fun
sucking tea and old lags
mending teeth and selling market goodies
fax and foul a name
lux another the same
sadness, sickness a game
paths lined in lime trees
that fall for her looks
scooters zoom a trail along the parade
bikes not ever far away
a cat walks past a new metal gate
that even makes us pause to see
bb strikes her bell shape and holds the note
whips and lasts, saddles and reins
how much to be free or the same
how long will it last?
but it heals
will it leave a scar?
'hidden not seen'
sing along to its song
then mothers forgive you
fathers always lie


A Decision


two months later
he said I am am mad
am I ?
london ,caider,

his madness
his mouth was black by laudanum
a mouth she couldnt kiss
want to kiss

impatient for change
revolution 3
kissed by artaud a catastrophe
whether I am

1966] this ends put an end to an intolerable life
towards insanity
ends "3 again

final verse
scream screa
act hamlet
derision and solitary
affronted and child
act damn no crying

what end is in sight
direct me
plague as it is
as it is actual
as madness is actual
hide yourself away
a reference to him"
direct me

I see Gide down there watching
how me
the kiss
edges of love in cruelty
honesty or death
what good is sentiment

final act

the jacket restrains me
attack me meopiates and disease
singing and



Frank and the Rose

I cut it
sadly severed the pretty head
it pricked me as I kissed it
I wanted it done
I had crushed it there by the neck
'Frank' it said as it softly rested on my blade
I pressed out the life she led
and the petals fell and bled
I loved that rose
in its sweet scented bed of earth
'its cold' she whispered into the night
to another in her thoughts
'gentle friend' I touched her flesh
a memory of her growing up
I honed my blade this way that way
it was to be the last
as I held her petals upwards in my grasp
the time passed
I did murder her there
her crimson lips pale, a velvet cheek
'help me' she said softly
what of me now
no more will I speak



Human Race 

A slow starter
bringing up the rear
falling short of mindful choice
the cruelty of a bloody race
the nonce in limbo
another stallion causing an affray
men in cloth deciding fear
onward.. speeding up outside
bringers of songs falling back
mother's child the passing fancy
short head and unbridled love
a dog against all odds
horses and beasts of darkness
shame and torso's for sake of love
vodka shots on the rails
crucified by whips
again and again a rider comes
profit loss the winning streak
odds on chancer takes a lead
sickness falling back
death and loss a chalice
a race of malice



The oracle of the body

It lies bloodless, wasted now
words have fallen on a swollen ground
neither warm to a sun nor bowing to a pulling moon
a beating of a tin drum sound
following that nausea
my mind moving about like a dog asleep
while lights go out
I fell wounded again from that sickness honesty
that practical joke of men
as a woman stood and looked at my greyness
'yes   what are you looking at ?..shithead .. go away' 
she walked away
I followed her not thinking 
'manic, I feel I am manic, shelter me' I whispered to her as she carried on walking away  
'manic' , she puzzled
she answered herself .

.'no fuck ..manic? what the fuck is that' growling under her breath
'this coat is old now,  I slept in it 6 months. .more in fact .. greasy now '  I said
'dark at the edges and wearing thin'    I stroked it 
adding,  'people look at it'
'it is wool,' I said it louder,  'so warm'
I dont see them or I will shout out , 'I am tired go away'
I took out my book at the gate
carefully stroked it and put it back in my neatly perfect pocket.
It was bloody on the edge so I pulled it back
what had I done now ?
I wiped it with a finger and let go my trousers to the floor
I recalled some pain
and a face that acted hurt as on a screen
this blood was hers

I sat 
she screamed so I answered 'sod'
it didnt drip off my finger
it sat like jelly
I put a little bit that looked like a tear to my mouth
it tasted of iron
I swallowed, sucking 
the woman came back and shouted ..'idiot'
her dress was a yellow shiny material with creases
I took her aside, kissed her on the lips, it tasted of iron, it seemed delicious
she laughed and ran away
'not afraid of me, why not ? I am manic'
so was she 
I began