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The erectal myth


Mountains frozen over
mists on cold earth
no man loves another
he sheds blood of brother
stands alone, you will see
the fertile viper at his feet
to his shoulder rest
no shelter there
fools too maimed to tell you
outwitted, twisted, charred
too warm to care
the pools of tantric games
they rule by solitaire
lies of love and peace spew out
over the coins they share
blue in a sky above the throng
boots marching to a piper's tune
shells honed to fly
in air once crisp with dew
jew and gentile too
on the cusp of crowns riding
the fallen chains unlocked
sold us by the grocer's groat
passed by the postman's note
healed by a doctor's wealth
sent by a gunmen's vote
lost in stealth at the mourner's door
the dealer dealt
she'll deal no more


The gentle way


A cherry falls from the orchard tree
a bird plucks the flesh and lifts off vertically
victims seed again
for earthly bliss is no more
we need to sow again as spring is near
breath is drawn for the last fear
and we are carried to the pyre
stiffer than a plaster board
whiter than morning snow and free
nurses flap along the way behind that trolley
carrying buckets and tools of repair
mending our decay then hurriedly putting on a coat
as nature scythes the foolish for their pleasures
they warm themselves and button up
death comes as it always does
but dont go gently the man said
he knew the path so well
the black coats dwell on humping and loading
not thinking
a glass of gin tonight
and cards at Gerald's
her dress looked tight as his mind wandered
I looked as well
it was



Her Vagina


My picture of her vagina
Courbet painted for me
brushed and parted for the shot
presented as a mustard splat
on a plat du jour maybe
hang it on my wall
or by my heart harp
for all to hate its like
my beautiful angel
the one that fell to earthly pleasures
when she says to me
go to hell
that I should never have been born
I love it all, so sweet a face
I hold it to my heart as praise and affectionately smile
I will hold it close to me in hell
as I pace the icy corridors and ring my bell
but wanting more than this picture of some dead man's supper
I want the scent of that orchid 



The Birth


Is this an entrance into a world?
like a child's doll
slumber forcing me here
I bring nothing with me
where death awaits in the strangest way
as a vision in a perverted religious way
I resist the trance in my reflections
stave off the blackness for a time until it fades
it wins me with my very thoughts
a morning and my mind still stained by some morphed pilaster crashing down on me.
I left behind that bale of performers
who baited me then as insane
shaking their steely locks at me
I am so close to pain
exhumed for my eagerness to consume
they touched me with a fright
turning quickly.. flying away in pairs
a stupid day of fantasy
she captures me by my hair
cutting and slashing
stars of round shapes on  poles
the sticky earth grey and ashen
like a bird she dances on that hot earth
bare breasted and hair shaven, breathless
swollen bodied in child for what its worth
then born from her, falling out bloody on the plastic ground
stepping over it like a white wood shore relic
like shopping at that store she cries
stars that wander between red walls
she still stares ahead
now its head broken open

like some shepherd's strangled misborn ewe fading away
I shed a tear for the dead then leave
I cannot stay




Red Earth


I sit and think
my torturer reflecting in my darkness
my red eyes all wet
I am spared the redness all around me
no time to ponder on white shores and women
while its sunny I am free of hurt
the beds are full
then empty
songs and tears all I see and hear
the days grow longer
crisp new graves stand upright staring
a scatter of ashes on a red ground taken by a breeze
as if heaven bound
if no heaven , where?
the stones are ageless.. unborn
trees like me growing old
some die young,  just saplings
lambs bleating for mothers
as time marches on