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Wine and the Cloud ...  Mixed Media


Behind the Black Net   ...        Oil and Black size on Board


Sea Burial...         Mixed Media 


Royal Oak


venomous...             Watercolour  Pencil 


Cold Kiss


The Cupid Dream                 Pastel , Pencil 


The pool

Looking at the Net   ...    Watercolour


See my Pain....         Watercolour


Young sister on a chair in a garden  ...      Mixed Media 


Entering Another's World ..         Watercolour 


Complication..          Watercolour and Pastel 


Waif ....      Mixed Media 


Enraptured  ....       Pastel


Flood    ...  Watercolour


Thoughts of Her  ..  Charcoal  and  Pencil      


Madam...Pencil and Watercolour  


Breather Channel ...   Pencil   


Waiting Room ..    Pencil   


Childhood..  Ink and Watercolour  .. 


Bathing the Wound..  Watercolour  


Grains of Light  ..   Mixed Media..   


In Hiding..   Pastel   


Golden Hair..  Watercolour, Pencil and Pastel    


The Net..  Pencil and Watercolour 


Joker      Watercolour  


Bleeding Vessels   Watercolour