Girls own fissure ..       Watercolour  and Pastel  


Having spent most of my life as a Framer it has become clear to me that works on paper have no chance unless they are  pressed,  framed or mounted .They are usually the sketches and abstracted that need it most ..people comment that my work looks better on here than the real thing ..and Its true... but framed they become cleaned up  and edged .and then possible to also hang ..then they are looked at ..That's why we paint them, to be seen .

Its unfortunate that the majority don't own originals and rely on these  digital reproductions with bad colour rendition or poorly copied prints hurried attempts at photographing my paintings result in them looking completely unlike the original at times . I use a compact digital most of the time and it doesn't pick up the white paper colour very well, hence the grey backgrounds and lack of contrast in the reproductions , there is no substitute for an original .

You may find my work a bit odd.. when at art school I painted a traditional painting . the teacher said

 'if you paint like that you will be the same as everyone else ,  is that what you want?'

he was right I decided so I looked sideways and behind me.

This work is Brutalism  




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Blurred    ...      Oil on Canvas 


Always young...

Songs  of Love or Hate            Oil on  Board 


In the Wood            Oil on Canvas


Afraid of Trees at Colchester Station.                              

.Mixed Media 


Users of Flags  ...    Oil on Paper


Earth..       Oil on Canvas 


Untitled  Mixed Media


Mask and the Dog  ..Mixed Media 


Run Dance ..    Oil on canvas  


Two girls in the hills ..Watercolour and Pastel   


Bait ...           Oil on Board 


For him...              Pastel ,Watercolour on Paper  


Ghost Town         Mixed Media.  



 Bromide Photographic print , Earls Court 1975  Mixed Media


Leaving ..          Mixed Media 


Go Away ...      Inkjet Photographic Drawing and Watercolor  



Paid for Love...   Watercolour  


No love for a stranger ..     Pastel Gouache 


Pietr the wolf    

Collage and Watercolour on gloss printing paper 


Self ... Pastel Watercolour 


Background image by Mark Jackson