Wine and dine on me alone
take away the greedy time
that now wears my clothes and uses my voice
tears my heart apart
all now far away
time matters not for this
as my horses trot with this black carriage
taking me there or anywhere I wish
as death is sweet like that




she was a little wing
lying over my body
soft and hard in places I never knew
I wandered as I didn't want her
the days went by
my thoughts, being what they were, changed
..the wing had flown away




Generate a life once more in cabaret
I pass old and dead, rotting
'bon chance' he calls as he fades into the earth
'bring back the blood that drips away' I reply dancing
humming from the flies stinging my mind
blackness all around me closing in as I pirouette
songs of praise sung by mediocre mouths
I refuse to pray.. a shed load of bikers went by
pitch to burn the bodies sprayed down
flames in hell await.. burning rubber
the hinges old.. they creak and blubber
she is slung casually down
a body on a stick ,lying next to the lollipop others
praise the bleeding lord of the flies
that master of dealing who takes me there
pass the salt .. I lay down the deuce
snap.. a sham in a dress and high heels
stoking a fire.. I stand away
a court of justice appeals
the man who basks in wealth will pay dearly
no one avoids the price of power .. its a done deal



Mixed Media 12in x 12in exhibited at Hastings Arts Forum