Cocaine trifle


That unconsciousness that pricks us all

when forgotten words are heard

a shining in songs on chilling winds

a bloody shrine

the wings of fortune our only guide

when deep in thought we fall

down and down we slide

below in depths of travesty and hate

until deep blue and earth subsides

and devils pays us in coins accursed

where angels never love anyone

drowned by debauchery and unwilling tides

I stand and watch a world go by

she says she is lost in some dream

of candyfloss and cream with vampire spirit

a knickerbocker glory  spooned out

into her luscious lips

then snorted down with dessert of cocaine trifle

becomes mindless and limp and love is made

chilling thrills

goodbye world



I knew people


I knew people when young, pretty and lively, nice girls, they started on drugs just soft and laughed themselves silly at parties , months later they were gone with men .. then as the days grow old we meet again, the face grey and alone, they say hi looking up at a sky,  then gone, another day alone I say to myself .. then again they appear, this time white, high as a kite , next I hear... dead , brown bread ..a few like that went by,  my car took me away . they want to die , live in the sky.. why I drive far away


The baby


walking on the edge of a sea

the water slaps my wrists, cutting in

passions all empty now

a pilot judges the distance so well

soul for sallow skin blended injected

where to end this

a fibrillation sound

mother's ruin in sight now

seminal controls gone

constellation star plummets into some unknown orbit

agony now the pain has gone

hit me with it

my only solace

pacing, thinking about dread

words are the demon that comes again



The conversation

She waits in a wings cold again
Brass on her hat where is that get from
said she hated me
took her drug went to bred

dead is dead
old is old enuff
cold is cold ..
she has no secretS
she shoots up everywher
the walls are splattered again wipe them down and clamp her damn arm .. later
she goes whit always like her dress
mixfuckin cloud again shite
someone cumming next door 'banging the wall
where am I
yes next you fucker
pass that drink
fuck you
sleep and I will fuck you

cant , am tired now
tap him on the head
whip iyt on da chin das
it spunk everywher now a mess
ambient she said ambient
a trial this girl ..woman
something to do though will clean her dress '#

cant get it off '' tomorrow OK
ok tomorrow will do it
so out of it must sleeeo





allo is that you?

'ok listen you keep turning my fucking music off half way through a track man
dont care what excuse you got
am fuckd off you take the fiken money out of my bank
never get that wrong do ya there
what you doin abaout it
nutin ?
what do ya mean nutin?
i wont pay ya
cant stop what ?
swearin fuck yu man you robbin me blind

aint fuckin swearin .. much
ok ok calm down man
gettin me tea back in a sec
you there
yo dead man
dead you litenin

ok ok hear ya

what limits ?
then ok adjust it I will pay ya
alright then done
ok nutin else,, done bi



The room


The carpet lapped the sea and sky
edge to edge
as far as I could see
the mice ran free
molly and me sitting
pink eyes and curtailed
blinking noses poses
whiskers and bellies with nipples
happy and eager to see
the sun shone down on the wefted sand
the agony aunt arrived looking around
where is she, she asked
dead, I said
astounded she fell away
how's that?
a shark, I said, a pound of flesh
she looked and found
molly ate molly, I said, profound
with all my cheese, I worded it
my cat would eat my mouse! ,she said
it went down, I bled
without a sound



The chased


Hard winds come , bringing the moon tides
stars look down on me in fear
no angels here
I am hunting for her
graves and lark's tongues split open to greet me
a desolate place
casting out the spirits into a lonely path
you are mine alone, under my foul breath
smelling your scent in the cold air, I run now
my nose to the ground, I keep pace with her
turning to white so lovely
and now held I bite
deep and with passion, she is limp
she lies beneath me now... waiting, wanting
lights come from everywhere
her tremors, her eyes roll into that darkness
the bats and the corn rustle together
the night closes in and circles spell her name
...I am tired now
she will lie now for a while
she is mine at last
what witch will protect her now
no one will
I am inside her now
they fear me
I am the beast, a broken man



I stand by the door


I stand by the door
shuffling words from a book
wanting to say
you are safe
but bringing lies
in lines of powdered snorts
grubbiness on my mind
watered down pale for skin and mouth
aborting sky blue sighs
never lucky in a takeaway
or I ching
pink lines around you then
pencilled in ruddy ink
typed hardly at all
a black melody of sad news
in songs of reason delving, searching
a sister's song so far gone
the bars soak you up
and praise you, glassy eyes
how many does a waif say to you now
have I been gone long
is it so long ago ?


Intrepid shoes


Like a reel intrepid
throwing out at night
deep in waters
swims a stranger
dark and dirty
the bells ringing at dawn's daughter
the suns rays passing through me
intrepid again
drumming and songs remain while I stuff the dummy full
flies rise from my eyes
shallow waters rise with a spurt
up and over
lie now in clover
lies in greens
a cow cums
milky and sloppy she eats
slavering over me
wiped clean she sees me with her big black eyes
so mean



Drown then
sorrowful eyes
lies and paranoid
going nowhere again
passing strangers making forks
big mouth stalks
dregs of passionate kisses
throwaway mugs 'tea stain'
insanes on rugs that spewed
revellers and whats left
bring to a table the matching cups
more mugs turn up
bring me satin in bills
bring me legs and shillings
heat me up
brown sugar playing all night
time to lock up
play with my cock
sleep again
and never more



A poet


I stand aside to let a poet go

he said he was no use

a head like a poe

suet legs, she said

no good for dough

pencil penis

a carrot head

words like poets say

can I stay 

no way out she pleaded

please! but leave the weed

before its down zip it please

ok quick one for the road

now go

get up you jerk





My breath is long today

what solid state is that

a crooner with a banana suit

yellow stripes with dribble from last night

a girlfriend at last , am blown away

she cant dance.. but leg over every day

bloody shame

I like to bango to a beat

get up a heat and get drunk

sleep late slag out in bed

..getting old she said

..said I wasnt

..bloody are


it wont last

my bike to mend , and the bed

should've got a blowup doll

less trouble

cheaper to feed

oh well

..going to the shed

gonna get a bottle

open a canti , get legless 

who cares



The bastard


The tempest damned her in waves that sing a murderous song

the face above those watery swells

the sea  cried out on the deafened wing  that humming tune

below, the angel fish could sense a soul in plight

down she went down and down into the night

where weeds are damping down her bed

Lined with shells at the head

melancholy bells and books she'd read

laid out as none should be

spells and tales on sodden wood 

no more, no less was said

whitened by the salty ebbs

where she'd laid her head

her skin violet smooth and crimson bled

drifting into her sandy tomb

the devil  said goodbye 

the bastard 




Is this a path of dread
the nobleman himself lead the way
disciples did his bidding
in all his bloody ways
half a world dead
half a world owed
my kingdom come, a promise in shallow streams
some king, some martyr, some peer, no witness seen
a mind heavy to the dead already done
a dome makes its mark in earthly debt to him
where meek the weak disciples beg
no mind to live as a spoken word was then
alone on a saviour's bed we sit
with child he spreads on us
a virus like no other
the leader plays out as pus in wounds that weep
a torturer deceased
as a sheep man does to sheep
the great dying spreads
like mice in fire and water
no life in death
as planets suck each other black



Bury you


I have drifted in sleep assembling this
this morning weeping until light
the sparkling beams trickle in
odd thoughts on my tongue
and there you are
laid out
like a puzzle all undone
I put one into one
a dream of a shoe muddles me
but its you there
this puzzle
so hard for you to do
for me too
but I soldier on, as you say more
and now its done I see it
I will wonder why I spy
why you sigh and lie
your red face
afraid of what you see and do
like a drunkard must
falling down
then standing proud
far away I wait
in distant fears
broken hearted
as I gild the words on this earthen chariot
...and bury you with honesty



What to do?


What to do? 
in love with you
..then a casket I will buy
send you away in style
black horse and wheels that pound
on stony ground
we will sing our hearts, all lost
and you wear no ring
..never mine
never mine to bring 
never your 'wordly' goods
never the shrew
or doormouse in woods 
never never land
rent and bills your ill health
the ghosts of wealth
so you left in stealth
in still of the night 
into a darkness



Go away


Just shame in the sky

in a dead man's eye

blinking hecklers spying

drunk or crying

speckled back burning

as we lie bare in the summer shine

your lips on mine

that last kiss in sunny days

..the time is up

come in boat 9

no more flirtations

no more good times

time to fly must stay

so go away





You cannot know what my pleasure was

when our lips met

the gift that you have that is deceit

in that breathless nest

way above your thoughts

that never fade

no words describe the scent

of blood that beats so hard

a sickness no worse in a drug

euphoria in a mind to taste you

down there and elsewhere

for all but me

no pleasure or pain

softly to a place alone

you are lost as I am

we are not the same

so will impart there a path to you

your willing vanity unexplained

and cruel to touch your chalice

breathless and die

no better way you say

what more can there be

you care so little

just another lover

another castaway





Sorrow in a shadow, a night retires
blast that dog, its nemesis dead
barking like a rutting deer
at skies burning red
what becomes now of me
where once I lead
once I became something
get a job
go somewhere
'dont be lazy'
they talk at my leg
eyes parting, away staring
just clothes in bed
mediocre smells and cries of dread
cast out into streets
nothing for nothing is said




No one's fault but theirs
fresh from skies and toilet waste
Blatancy lies and mischief said
flooded house with covid scum
sending a suit to calm a flood
a wave of conspiracy in the blood
kitchen shit and garden purged
I refuse to accept it
no one's fault but theirs
nothing left
the old and feeble left as dead
no money to mend
fish all dead
nature cruelly ends
by fools in bed





That young dross on a stile grinning

I hate her

broken hearted in leather jeans bopping

the air  like mavola oil dripping

a breast on showtime obscene but clean

the sea air brisk and bracing

the notion to be brave in a line of others

a called name maligned

a pratt walks by leering

his thin lips shiny

eyes popping

a wild type

hands in slime

the sun peeps too

she was my sunshine

til she pees a pool then cries

a flower like stem

a bird like eye

a germ like perch

but she dies

like so many



The offer


That dreaded place

resting awhile I mourn

her breath still tasting mine

some scent of muskiness not akin to mine or yours

that creature freshly burned at dusk

past oak doors and muddy wheels that shine 

she cringes, poised to strike my breast

as the tongue in a snake, she flickers the eager blade

in and out of distant light, it raised up high

I offer her up to all for pleasure

retaliate, I ask little 

it's done she cries 

I am done with it

a man no more



Cold mountain halls

How deep now the cold lays her bare
vexed fears amidst a jocular crowd then
she shudders as a jellyfish in a tormented sea
a sparkle fell to ground, a captured one
purple clothes discarded there for all
thrown through the hole in a lily white sky
its day was of the sun
she opens petals one by one
the divers overhead shrill and winged
the sheep sit in a shady place taking tea and buns
my door is closing now, I cannot see
the day's face still warm from life
suffice the air she breathed once with me
while a tramp stares and spits
eyes yellow and green
floating and sullenness, he limps away
now leaning on that wall so grey and mean
how gently she moves in this scene
as pastels in the flowered earth
black winds erased by a handsome girth
the fat stickle backed man is waiting there
all puffed up in skirt
we dance to the forgotten ones
and make mirth
no passing birds or beast within
a new land to sing in
came a cry alarm on a cowardly beak..
or were they stolen lips or a bleat , a treat
no more than other days when darkness falls
the winter comes , no more green
just cold mountain halls




She wishes


She wishes she was past
in bracken beds of poets she would wed
some dark star of time forgotten
the blistered dead in masks
slaver over her begotten prize
broken hearted,as a moth besieged
she wanders lost on paths and lonely seas
wooden ships sail within and without
in leagues measured that distance downward
where earth is wet and souls ferment
the undercurrent wind laments
wanting to lie beside the dead
neatly tied onto a bed
taken there by force she bled
and becomes the dead



The night nurse

Sitting watching

reading the news
tending and pulling
pasteurized pudding
white mask and black glasses
passes for care
paid by death
wearing a smile

just doesn't care
nothing too daunting
nothing beyond
no sweat or vomit
no bodily odours

all washed away
just bed pans in clover
and good pay

heave ho and off to work we go

sing a long
..goodnight nurse




I dreamed when reading at the dawn

long hours spent looking at words

blues and greys on my breath 

talking painted pastures Venus and stars

on clouds that ran away to sea  

a child was born anew day by day

time has passed that way  

left me alone not free

nothingness beyond

no romantic seasons or jesters

no faeries, jokers wild or Mabel's tea 

I grit my teeth, asking what to do ..

the ground is stirring from below

the dead rise up and grow

'sing that song of sixpence' they grate

'the goose is getting fat

the days are growing old

time to sleep '

then they go




Understand the deep
the masters of race
mischief on barren souls
where wages amount to sin and greed
sons and lovers are all amiss
while men and women drown in piss
and bottles of fire watered down
pain oils the machines that take the money
paid for some honey
masked the weights of a society
and paves the way for a generous fool
the silver spoon passed amongst us
like a chariot to the sky dream
watching the Bill, men like that kill
soft as oils and pastels
broken men and women talk rubbish to pass the day
with nothing much to say




you who take for sake
when gold was that bodily stone
when striking dead the very soul
you are alone
I wait for dealers too
wait for love also
when all is done
the days are yours
you will waste them
as he walks behind me
the train is waiting
and you watch as it sits lies on a blanket
you are so strange now
the dog licks quietly

you stand and watch that train
you dont know me
I drink my tea and let you go
no warmth there
just a stranger




Torture me with the look that wains
a time to say what you dream
tell me what pains your sanity
what distance remains
between us and them
write down that place you go
in billow text
with no vex or spite
no pale thoughts of love
just words you will write
it's enough



The withered arm

Robots come two by two
analyzing what I do
looking for words that puff and moan
calculus and algebraic overtones
seeking withered arms to break
hold dear in the electric chair
torturers and guns for a god's sake
mild mannered Kent, a back to break
cowboys still play there
new to a world of toys and glare
no time to spare just build and make
for that god's sake



Changing Moon


This melancholy moon
coming twice from solstice
ever after then
full and beyond the eye
with stars that make fools of suns
a time to die
how happy I was before that moon
yin years are long
seas then bring the dragon's breath that cuts us down
go away lunar moon



The Dew


The sun it comes
the tree of blood runs
on circles, in paths
remind me again
solitary chasms
chords in chimes remain
or woods of gold
tall, towering above the flood
in chains the desperate voids
it flows, stooped in form
spurts, the inward throaty gush
it lies docile above
its branch weighs heavy
crushed by dawn the leaves fall
the dew spared its blush
morning is late
again the flow
rising past the treasured toil
love sows there in the arm pulse
prevalent as perverse a sin
remind me again which way is the sun
I love it dear
the morning


For Frankenstein


More deeply shall I seek the heartless sun
the nights hidden from my dreams
my coldness addressed its morbid want just now
my aged form a pastel vision of pity and timeless words
I am a path for you to walk your way to some worn existence
while in your distant memory you seek some verdant pasture
collecting the minds of men and women
while beneath the skin of some creature
through a child's eyes you watch the carrion
I cannot live for you



Feeling blue for you


Oh grey day
the cloud lays its moist blanket softly
on the seasons edge
a bringer of sadness
a taker of hearts
some that flutter no more
seas as in pastel dust
fall to the shore
pale as in chalk
never to talk more
or sing a song
earthly demons play a silly song.. bah
but cannot take the soul away
now the sun has come
at last the blue
broken through the dark
another hue
a day like no other
for you




Within soft hours
I am alone within my thoughts
another night with an emptiness
so few days that dusk and rise like when young
so few lights now
makeup of skin and bone it seems
she paints lips in rose pinks, blues
a line around the lips and naked
no one will know those colours
another face and fluid embraces

and bodies

I cannot stay here
the last day
I am not going to play the game
loss or love
eye to eye and I look away
she promises nothing
'a play or film '
she ebbs away
to a stone she turns now old
the carriage inside is cold
the red leather warm still
the stallions weep and gallop
reaching high out into a sparkling sky
we pass a tree of another night
to a yellow house
so its not right or wrong
a breath a waste of time
I want to leave, the carriage waited for me
a chauffeur looks down and stands by a tree
staring at his black shoes
I look back
he is watching me
and I tell him
make them gallop again





On roads of ruin
I save innocence
charity none that has worth
rising and falling
bringers of night and sliver of dawn
shame the white morning as it glitters
black as runes telling futures in lies sweet on the tongue
or hawthorn the beast
coming in shadows of dreams
its a nether tale of fame
for an endless game
chasing away the raven as it courts
under the willow tree
sad now alone it hangs its head
and beneath the sod, the pain
as idols smile in a golden bed



My Tremors

While I collide, I drink
dry my mouth when it flows over
and sin in me for love
dragging me into oblivion
oh so cold in this dream
shivering damn it
my tremors resolve nothing
my blood is still warm
cut in... see it flows like wine
as the Planes stop
my numbered day marked
like a calendar date
looking forward
but she is far away now
nothing much to live for