Torture me with the look that wains
a time to say what you dream
tell me what pains your sanity
what distance remains
between us and them
write down that place you go
in billow text
with no vex or spite
no pale thoughts of love
just words you will write
it's enough



The withered arm

Robots come two by two
analyzing what I do
looking for words that puff and moan
calculus and albebraic overtones
seeking withered arms to break
hold dear in the electric chair
torturers and guns for a god's sake
mild mannered Kent, a back to break
cowboys still play there
new to a world of toys and glare
no time to spare just build and make
for that god's sake



Changing Moon


This melancholy moon
coming twice from solstice
ever after then
full and beyond the eye
with stars that make fools of suns
a time to die
how happy I was before that moon
yin years are long
seas then bring the dragon's breath that cuts us down
go away lunar moon



The Dew


The sun it comes
the tree of blood runs
on circles, in paths
remind me again
solitary chasms
chords in chimes remain
or woods of gold
tall, towering above the flood
in chains the desperate voids
it flows, stooped in form
spurts, the inward throaty gush
it lies docile above
its branch weighs heavy
crushed by dawn the leaves fall
the dew spared its blush
morning is late
again the flow
rising past the treasured toil
love sows there in the arm pulse
prevalent as perverse a sin
remind me again which way is the sun
I love it dear
the morning


For Frankenstein


More deeply shall I seek the heartless sun
the nights hidden from my dreams
my coldness addressed its morbid want just now
my aged form a pastel vision of pity and timeless words
I am a path for you to walk your way to some worn existence
while in your distant memory you seek some verdant pasture
collecting the minds of men and women
while beneath the skin of some creature
through a child's eyes you watch the carrion
I cannot live for you



Feeling blue for you


Oh grey day
the cloud lays its moist blanket softly
on the seasons edge
a bringer of sadness
a taker of hearts
some that flutter no more
seas as in pastel dust
fall to the shore
pale as in chalk
never to talk more
or sing a song
earthly demons play a silly song.. bah
but cannot take the soul away
now the sun has come
at last the blue
broken through the dark
another hue
a day like no other
for you




Within soft hours
I am alone within my thoughts
another night with an emptiness
so few days that dusk and rise like when young
so few lights now
makeup of skin and bone it seems
she paints lips in rose pinks, blues
a line around the lips and naked
no one will know those colours
another face and fluid embraces

and bodies

I cannot stay here
the last day
I am not going to play the game
loss or love
eye to eye and I look away
she promises nothing
'a play or film '
she ebbs away
to a stone she turns now old
the carriage inside is cold
the red leather warm still
the stallions weep and gallop
reaching high out into a sparkling sky
we pass a tree of another night
to a yellow house
so its not right or wrong
a breath a waste of time
I want to leave, the carriage waited for me
a chauffeur looks down and stands by a tree
staring at his black shoes
I look back
he is watching me
and I tell him
make them gallop again





On roads of ruin
I save innocence
charity none that has worth
rising and falling
bringers of night and sliver of dawn
shame the white morning as it glitters
black as runes telling futures in lies sweet on the tongue
or hawthorn the beast
coming in shadows of dreams
its a nether tale of fame
for an endless game
chasing away the raven as it courts
under the willow tree
sad now alone it hangs its head
and beneath the sod, the pain
as idols smile in a golden bed



My Tremors

While I collide, I drink
dry my mouth when it flows over
and sin in me for love
dragging me into oblivion
oh so cold in this dream
shivering damn it
my tremors resolve nothing
my blood is still warm
cut in... see it flows like wine
as the Planes stop
my numbered day marked
like a calendar date
looking forward
but she is far away now
nothing much to live for