She refused come in my room,  she thought I was a monster...       Mixed Media


Spreading...        Mixed Media


Jewels in a case of sly wine...       Mixed Media 


Asleep in a violet tree...    Pastel Gouache


She was always crying in the kitchen..

it needed a second coat ...      Mixed Media 


I wanted a woman not a girl...        Mixed Media


She locked me out of her life ...       Mixed Media 


White sky virus...      Mixed Media


White woman and a man with a room...    Mixed Media 


Tide of change...        Mixed Media


we went somewhere no one would come and laid on the warm grass, she was pale and beautiful...        

Pastel , Gouache


She wanted to show her vagina so she danced, then she blamed me for looking ...      Mixed Media


The act of performance ...           Pastel, Gouache


Standing by herself to be seen...       Pastel Gouache


Mutual asphyxia...         Pastel, Gouache


Quiet silence of Eden  ...         Pastel, Gouache


The man with two dog's heads.        Pastel, Gouache

Downland ..She invited him as a child or a woman...  

 Mixed Media 


Hit the naked lady ...     Pastel, Gouache


Walk by a dark tree...        Gouache  ,

[impressionist isn't expressionist and I tend to tinker too much with them when I paint one , its why I dont paint that way much .. so excuse all the modifications]


Heart on a tree...    Pastel, Gouache


'Who to trust? '   I told her no one...           Mixed Media 



A tale of the two vaginas...      Mixed Media 


The old lady lived in a shoe didnt know what to do..        .Pastel,  Gouache